Tayabali & White Singles League Div 4 2023
24 Dec 2022 - 11 May 2023
Event name Tayabali & White Singles League Div 4 2023
Details Teams have up to 6 members, of whom 3 play in each match. All matches are marked by a professional. A match consists of 3 rubbers, 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3. Each rubber is best of 3 sets, starting at 3-3 in the 3rd set if played. All rubbers are played off current handicap at the time of the match. There are 2 points for each rubber won, and 1 extra point for winning the match. Captains are responsible for selecting team players. The home team captain is responsible for providing food and/or drinks for the match. Cost £25
Managed by Cambridge University Real Tennis Club
Tie format 3 players/team. 3 singles 0 doubles: 1v1 | 2v2 | 3v3
Odds type Handicap as at tie set up
Start date 24 Dec 2022
End date 11 May 2023
RTO weight Competitive (IHSC Non-Sanctioned)
Teams and players
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Draw type is 'Round Robin (or Home & Away)'.
This stage contains one or more groups of teams. Each group has its own draw, ladder and, optionally, most valuable player (MVP).
Group draw
Group ladder
Group MVP
LadderMVP (Top 5)
Ally's Army 8
Unbeatables 5
Dedans Dynamos 0
Wallach's Wackers 0
Full ladder
Felicity Riddall Bell
Rob Cassels
Tony Peckham
James Squier
Guy Turvill
Full MVP
lt 1 rubbers to 2, 19 games to 36
Ally's Army
Bonus points 3/3
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Thu 26 Jan 2023 5:30PM
Played at Cambridge Blue